Evan A. Chan

is an attorney experienced in the areas of real estate law and landlord/tenant law, residential and commercial.

Evan graduated with honors from Golden Gate University School of Law and was admitted to the California Bar in 2008. During law school, he worked at the Law Offices of Kaplan & Sam and the Sheppard-Rosen Law Firm (now Sheppard, Rosen, Uziel and Sussman) where he served clients in issues involving the organization of businesses entities, neighbor disputes over proper water drainage, construction that interferes with tenants’ rights, wrongful denial of insurance coverage, wrongful eviction, and numerous co-ownership issues. Prior to law school, Evan graduated with honors from the University of California at Berkeley and then worked in banking for two years.

Today his clients are, among others, buyers and sellers of real property, commercial and residential landlords, commercial tenants, debtors, creditors, real estate brokers and agents, trustors, trustees, and testators. Recently, he has had many clients who are restaurateurs. He has successfully condominiumized properties in San Francisco. His transactional practice includes negotiating and drafting leases, buy/sell agreements, manufacturing contracts, CC&Rs, and TIC agreements. On the litigation side, he has successfully advocated the interests of clients in suits ranging from premises liability to tenant evictions.

Ken A. Chan – In Memorium

was admitted to the California Bar in 1976. He practiced in Los Angeles and San Francisco. He was an experienced litigator and participated in numerous trials, mediations, arbitrations, and appeals. He was a strong advocate for the rights of property owners

He was the proud dad of three children, Ethan, Evan, and Erin, and the husband of Joyce. He passed on October 25th, 2013.